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We offer quality children's books:  softbound, professionally illustrated/photographed, with ISBN, barcode, 
and cataloguing on the reverse of the Title Page.
Royal Mousie 
(a lullaby)

This book makes a wonderful baby-shower gift!

A story-poem written for the very young child; to be read by an adult just before the child's nap or bed time; main characters are a fairy princess, an elfin prince, and the regal mouse (he wears a crown!) which they ride through the night, visiting various woodland settings and creatures, until the sandman sprinkles his "sleepy dust" on them, and they go to sleep; includes a 2-track audio CD, with a simple vocal rendition to enable the adult to learn the song, and the instrumental of the song, which can be played on a "loop," to help the child drift off to sleep.
6"x6" perfect-bound softback, 19 pages, including 12 beautifully illustrated story pages.  For ages newborn through 8.
L. Fynn's Magic
                                      It was L. Fynn's time to try out as an apprentice
                                      leprechaun, but nothing is going the way it should. 
                                      His potions and sayings never worked, anyway, 
                                      so why should today be any different?  But, with a
                                      quick hint from Tammy Shantern, the only girl elf 
who ever became an apprentice leprechaun, L. Fynn learns to get rid of his "can't never could, and won't never would" attitude, and make elfin magic to "positively" pass his test!  St. Patrick's Day reading. Includes an audio CD of the story as originally produced by the Shoofly Players of Shoofly AudioMagazine for Children, complete with Irish accents, music, and sound effects.. 5-1/2"x7" perfect-bound softback, 36 pages, including 30 story pages (15 illustrations & 15 text), music pages, and a 4-leaf-clover search.
For ages 5-10.
Lionel (the lazy lazy ant)
Lionel is a very lazy ant.  He doesn't mind work at all, because he doesn't do any!  A dangerous storm sends a scared Lionel to an overturned flowerpot for shelter, while the other ants in his family have moved their mound to a safer place.  Lionel has no idea where it is!  After realizing that his laziness has caused this problem, Lionel decides what to do next.
6"x6" perfect-bound softback, 22 pages, including 17 sweetly illustrated story pages.  For ages 2-8.
Minnica Witch's Flight Plight

Our first COLORING BOOK!!!
Poor Minnica Witch!  For some unknown reason, she cannot seem to get her broom to fly correctly, and it's Hallowe'en night...she's not going to be able to fly with the other sweet witches!  As her two cats tell the story, we see Minnica's despair at not being able to fly on her broom, then her visit to Wanda (the Wonderful) to seek help with her problem.  Wanda tells her that it's because Minnica has no confidence in herself that is making her unable to fly!  With this knowledge, Minnica finally succeeds in getting her broom to fly, and it's off to join the others on Hallowe'en night!
7-3/4"x10-3/4" stapled softback, 44 pages, including 43 black line drawings for coloring.  For ages 4 & up.

 ©2022, PitziGil     Publications, All Rights Reserved.
A Pony Tale (a wordless-story coloring book)

A young brother and sister go on a nighttime adventure with fairies, elves, and a beautiful little pony.  The next morning, they both realize it had all been a dream…all because of the pony wind chime hanging at their bedroom window!
Children have an opportunity to not only color the illustrations, but to tell in their own words what is happening in the story.
7-3/4"x10-3/4" stapled softback, 26 pages, including 25 pages to color.  
For ages 4 & up.

Heaven? Stu? Betsy! (a coloring book)

This is the story of three field mice: Heaven (the mama mouse), Stu (the papa mouse), and Betsy (their young daughter), who is always having to be rescued by her parents! Just saying their names is a lot of fun!  Heaven? Stu?  Betsy!


7-3/4"x10-3/4" stapled softback, 24 pages, including 23 pages to color.  
For ages 4 & up.
My Name is Wags       by Jane Kaufman

B. G. Wags is a miniature Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one green eye. “Wags” tell the young reader about a typical day with his loving family, his favorite chores, foods, and things to do. 

6"x6" perfect-bound softback, 27 pages, including 22 realistically illustrated story pages. 
For ages 2-8.
Zeb, the Zebra (a coloring book)

A stuffed zebra named Zeb is a very loved little zebra, but his world is turned upside down after he's forgotten when the family moves.  Will Zeb ever be loved again, the way that little Molly loved him?  Find out as you color!


7-3/4"x10-3/4" stapled softback, 28 pages, including 26 pages to color.  
For ages 4 & up.
Zeb, the Zebra was inspired by the little stuffed zebra the author  had as a child. While searching the Internet to find a similar zebra, it was a blessing to find an almost identical one, made by Jennie Zedwick, at her online shop at www.etsy.com/shop/busybeeworker, listed under Croison Pony.  This is what her cute Croison Pony looks like!
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