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Learning-Activity Kits, CD format (not for Mac) (you will need Microsoft "Word" to produce these)
Two games (ABC order and compound words) for small-group (at least two) reinforcement; 1 data CD; CD case.

Pick a Poem
Everything you want to have handy while teaching poetry: activities, rhyming patterns, poetic forms, hints, modeling examples; 1 data CD; CD case.

Story-Starter Sticks
180 writing prompts to be printed onto lables; attach to popsicle or craft sticks for a fun-to-use writing activity!; tracking chart; 1 data CD; CD case.


Take 5/Rhyming Words
Use 5 rhyming words as a writing prompt; younger children can find the rhyming words in a selection; 1 data CD; CD case.

Language Arts:
Tongue Twisters
Makes a 125-page booklet (or individual pages); an aid to teaching vowel and consonant sounds and spellings; 1 data CD; CD case.

What's the Point?
Reinforces punctuation and sentence types; student display cards; cartoons for visual reinforcement; 1 data CD; CD case.


Math Mania 1 "bundle"
3 kits:  counting by 2s, 3s, & 4s; 3 original songs 
included; teaching sheets; 1 data CD & 1 music CD; 
double-CD case.

Math Mania 2 "bundle"
3 kits:  measurement--gallons, meters, liters
(and their components); 3 free songs!; teaching sheets; conversion charts; 1 data CD & 1 music CD; double CD case.

Reinforces graphing coordinates in a bingo-like game; small or large groups; 30 game cards 
are included; 1 data CD; CD case.

If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Math Skills:
VERY handy tote bags, featuring "Zeb, the Zebra," from our coloring book of the same name!  NEW PRODUCT!!!!

  • Size: 13"H x 19-1/2"W x 7-3/4"D
  • The 7-3/4" front-to-back depth makes it nice and roomy!
  • Front pocket extends the width of the bag's front, and has a hoop-and-loop closure at the middle of its top edge
  • Made of 80gsm (grams per square meter) polypropylene, and should be long lasting, under normal "toting" use!
  • 20"-long handles let you carry by hand or over the shoulder
  • Color choices are blue with black pocket, and hunter green with black pocket.